25 July 2012IoD welcomes deal on Intercity Express Programme

25 July 2012GDP drop is a severe blow to business

24 July 2012Business leaders welcome 4G auction

23 July 2012IoD welcomes Kay Review report on tackling short-termism

23 July 2012MPs’ report on Draft Energy Bill confirms business leaders’ fears

18 July 2012‘UK Guarantees’ are an innovative way to boost infrastructure investment

18 July 2012IoD reaction to unemployment figures

17 July 2012IoD reaction to inflation figures

16 July 2012Business leaders welcome rail investment

13 July 2012Funding for Lending Scheme means cheaper bank loans, but businesses have little confidence to borrow

13 July 2012IoD welcomes employment tribunal fees

12 July 2012Aviation consultation proposals welcome, but need for new runways remains

5 July 2012MPC’s QE expansion no surprise, but more could be needed soon

4 July 2012IoD welcomes the promotion of employee share ownership

29 June 2012New guide to business risk published: Better skills essential to deliver growth and avoid crises

29 June 2012Interest-rate swap mis-selling and Libor abuse show the need for new blood at the top of the banks

26 June 2012IoD welcomes fuel duty freeze

26 June 2012Government must exclude students from migration cap, says IoD

25 June 2012Cameron is right: the cost of welfare must fall, says IoD

22 June 2012New nuclear power – clean, cheap, safe and popular with business

21 June 2012Collective Redundancy regulations must be relaxed, says IoD

20 June 2012IoD welcomes Government proposals on executive pay votes

19 June 2012Tax system discourages companies from growing, IoD report reveals

18 June 2012Greek election result changes little, says IoD

15 June 2012New bank funding schemes won’t make businesses want to borrow